Reading all these posts to my original post is not only disappointing but also downright shocking. All I can say is, WOW! I have never run across a more bitchy lot as the majority of you people. I donít direct this to every member of the forum but you know well if it is you that I am speaking of. I ask a simple question that apparently wasnít clear enough and the post gets all bent out of shape. It quickly goes from the post to personal insults. You decide that I am a singer and not a player and you donít know a damn thing about me. Attitudes and replies like this are the reason that the forum has dried up. Donít say it hasnít dried up because there is clear evidence that it has. One only has to look at the few posts to know this. I know three people who no longer will post to the forum because of egos and attitudes and I have little correspondence with members. Judging by who posts and who no longer posts is clear evidence. You need to take a long look at yourselves and the way you respond and behave. You act like children with your bitchy and catty remarks. This shouldnít be what the forum is about. Alec, you are at the head of the list. You have some ego! A neutron bomb would pale to your ego. You people havenít even the common courtesy to listen to or care when someone like Larry Gosmeyer posts his songs on the forum. He is lucky if he gets two replies. If you doubt me, check the posts. The only reason this post got so many replies is because of your boredom of nothing taking place on the forum. And by this, you attacked me for no good reason. Not long ago, you did the same thing to another member named Scott. I am a Scott but a different one. Iíll no longer post to this forum. I have two words for you and Iíll let you guess what they are. Joan, I donít know what bug crawled up your... but get a life.