My gosh, we've beaten this "dead horse" to a bloody pulp before, lol. If in fact someone is using NOTHING but commercially produced sequences, and making believe that they are somehow "playing", I agree with all of you. However, in today's musical playing field, if you intend to make a living at performance, be prepared to throw the kitchen sink at them. The utilization of self-done sequences for vocal back-up as well as commercially done ones, SD-Audio in certain instances, as well as actual "live" playing....all of these have to be used. People attend events expecting to be entertained, and for most of the audiences that I've performed for, they really don't care how you go about entertaining. Playing totally live is fine for background dinner music, low-key cocktail parties, etc. however, for dancing and vocal accompaniment, sequences oftentimes have to be used. Mind you, I'm referring strictly to those of us who perform as a single. When perfroming with a band, that's a whole different kettle of fish, and live playing is a mandate in most cases. Considering that we (as solo performers) are going up against DJ's etc. we really have to throw as much against the wall as possible, using all available means and methods, and hope that some of it sticks. Just my opinion, feel free to disagree.