Thanks for your replies but apparently, I didnít make myself clear. I am planning on doing a serious concert and on a couple of my songs that are complex, (a bit tricky) I want to play the keyboard without sound coming from the keys as the sequenced song is playing. Actually, I can come up with a better way than what all of you suggested but it will only work if you are using just Right 1 or Right 2 and not both. All you have to do is cancel the volume (mute) on the one that isnít used in each Panel Memory in the sequenced song, set your Panel memories and the keyboard is silent. However on a couple of songs, I have used both Right 1 and Right 2 so I am not able to do this. I do know that I can use another track and copy Right 1 or the other to it and free up the spot, then cancel the volume. I just didnít want to go to this trouble. I was able to do this without changing the volume in the Panel Memories sometime ago because I read how to do it and I havenít been able to find what I read. Doing what I read surprised me that I could play the keyboard and no sound was heard and it didn't interfere with the sequenced song being played.