I was studying her arpeggio's on this song but began thinking about something after I watched the video a few times.

Her playing is fine, she's very polished, admirable composure, a very talented pianist, but...I think her "interpretation" leaves a lot to be desired.

After a few views I began to notice it. The "squishing" of the first few melody notes set the tone. This is a great example of why you should learn the words of a song before learning the actual song. Her arpeggios in the release are perfectly executed, just a bit too mechanical.

Still, of all her reviews on the page, only one person...the last person in the list to remark....wrote: "Bad!, what a horrible version"

What did YOU think of her interpretation (NOT her playing)?

Almost forgot. I listen a lot to Eva Cassidy so I tend to use her as the benchmark for everyone else!