Nice work, Tony:

Acrylic or Oil? Hard to tell on a computer screen. You have an eye for perspective and proportions. Do you ever wander over into the surrealistic side of art? Today's art collectors seem to be more into that medium... but do what pleases you most. Then there is portraiture... which can be the most rewarding... in so many ways if one possesses "the knack."

My college career began in art, migrated to commercial art, took a left turn into business... and suddenly, total misdirection and disinterest on a broad front. Next summer... Sailor Suit and four years in Naval Aviation. Went back to University after my career was nearly over and graduated with honors. Funny what a little experience and maturity can do to one's perspective on study. Majored in Management and History.

Automation systems design and product enhancement to enable automation were my specialties. Managed the Automation Division of a Fortune 500 Company and saw the world. Took up golf and played joyfully until no longer able to safely grip and swing a club. Now, it's song-writing, recording and playing chess. My appreciation for art has never waned but I can only do what my inner being demands. I enjoy writing short stories but that gets in the way of music. Used to fly mostly single engine aircraft but doubt I could pass a physical now. Once owned a Piper Tri-Pacer but most of my time was in Cessna 172's and 180's plus a Beech Bonanza.

Being a jack-of-all trades is not a good thing. Thanks for sharing, Tony. You are a "master of two rewarding "art-forms."