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Tony, I'm very impressed with your art! Like Gary said, you are incredibly talented. Keep up the good work! smile
P.S. I've been to every one of those places, except your garden! Italy is so beautiful it inspires art! smile

Mike, thank you very much ... nice to hear that you have been to those places ... Yes, Italy IS beautiful, and those of us who have been there are very fortunate ... It was most amazing to me to be standing on a bridge built by one of the 'Caesars' at the beginning of modern time ... it helps me realize how young the USA is is when I see an historic building that goes "all the way back" to the mid 1600's, when some of the buildings in Rome were built in double digit years ! ...
As you live in Quebec, do you happen to know the address of the building I painted? I never documented it.

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Nice work, Tony:
Acrylic or Oil? Hard to tell on a computer screen. You have an eye for perspective and proportions. Do you ever wander over into the surrealistic side of art? Today's art collectors seem to be more into that medium... but do what pleases you most. Then there is portraiture... which can be the most rewarding... in so many ways if one possesses "the knack."

Thank you, Dave ... Both Acrylic and oils ... acrylic is good for its fast drying factor, but oils allow for more texturing and, mixing of colors right on the canvas as the paint dries ... No, I've not tried surrealism ... I'm more of a 'take the photo, paint the picture' guy ... I think taking the photo helps because I have the real image in my mind as I'm painting ...
Portraiture is a whole other world - trying to capture the personality of the person on canvas ... We had one woman in our art class who wanted to do a portrait of her grandson ... the art teacher had her first work on drawing each component of the child's face individually - eyes, nose, ears, mouth, until the woman was comfortable enough to start putting it on canvas ... the finished product was beautiful ...
Water color is another medium I have not been too successful in ... My sister-in-law does beautiful water color paintings, mine always seem to have a 'grade school' look to them, and that could be an insult to grade schoolers grin

And being a "jack of all trades" can be very rewarding ...

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I think it is more common then most folks think.... that a person with music skills also has art skills.

Myself , I was into art (pencil drawings, and pastel colors). My mother was an excellent artist, and I learned from her work.. She started to draw in her early teens and I did the same.. She was way better than I smile

If I can dig up some of my art from my early teens I will post it.

That's very true, Fran ... Besides the obvious 'professionals' that are excellent at both (Tony Bennett first comes to mind), I know a few musicians whose art work is also very good ...

I 'dabbled' in pencil drawings in my teens as well, but don't have any now ... would love to see some of yours ...

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