I think it is more common then most folks think.... that a person with music skills also has art skills.

Myself , I was into art (pencil drawings, and pastel colors). My mother was an excellent artist, and I learned from her work.. She started to draw in her early teens and I did the same.. She was way better than I smile
I also excelled in graphic arts (School). After high school I was offered a job drawing Bond bread labels (design). It did not pay much and was a bit boring... so I turned it down.

I also was offered a job with Bell Tele as a graphic art position.. It was interesting but paid a third of what I made in my summer job (sheet rocking).

I decided to continue education in music.

And forever balanced my music work and construction (contractor) for nearly 60 years.

If I can dig up some of my art from my early teens I will post it.