Music, arrangers, and painting - as in ART ...
We consider our daughter to be the artist in the family - she started doing really nice work at the age of 11 years and now as an adult has been commissioned to do paintings and wall and ceiling murals in peoples and a hospital.
My wife took up painting quite a few years ago and is also very good.
When I retired from the day job, I started taking art lessons with her and found it to be as relaxing and as much of an 'escape' from daily life as music is.
I think I've done some pretty decent work, some of which I have shared below.
Also, while I do not have quite the 'forest' Gary has, I do live in an area where the minimum lot size for a home is 2 acres, so we have a good amount of trees. I have seen up to 28 deer at one time going through my backyard, as well as wild turkeys (not the kind in a bottle wink ) , fox, hawks, but no black bears - yet ... although there have been reports of one wandering around the town next to ours ... Once we even had 16 dairy cows grazing in our backyard, as a result of a hole in the fence of a dairy farm not far from our house ...
#1 The Bridge of Sighs Venice IT
#2 Day Lily from garden
#3 Quebec City CA

Bridge of Sighs Venice IT (640x480).jpg

Day Lily from Garden (640x480).jpg

Quebec City CA (640x492).jpg

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