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Don, what is it that you like about the E A7. I believe that more Pa4x keyboards have been sold here on SynthZone because of DonM, So when you show favor to the EA7 I am listening.

I won’t listen to Fran, although I respect where he is coming from, he is married to Roland. The last time I owned a Roland is when they had just come out with the “D” beam.
John C.

John , you can listen to me.. smile And make up your own mind. grin

Back in the 80's I probably owned as much Yamaha and Korg gear as I did Roland..
Being a Roland dealer then, I had an opportunity to try all Roland gear.. smile , but I always did fair comparisons.. wink

I compared the EA7 side by side to many competitors.. including relative products like G70, BK9 etc.

The EA7 holds it's own.. often at 1/3 the cost..

Overall I even give the EA7 an edge over the BK9, better OS with control.. Speakers, sampling, and pads.

I still prefer the G70 over any product..

My main concern (for years) is the quality of workmanship with product coming from China..
I know Roland is trying to move back to Japan and other areas..
Italy was more stable in quality .. Most of my gear is from Italy , Japan and USA.

My China hold outs are the Marantz Voice Rover, and M-Audio Code61..

Even the well cared for EA7 that DonM has, developed a problem with solder connection.. not uncommon with China production..

Always makes me wonder about low cost items like Podium speakers that may be made in the same factories as QSC speakers at 6 times the cost grin