Hi John,that is not a bad option, I salivate at the thought of a PA4X, but external speakers are not my favoured way to go. The KN7 has ample power (60 watts)for anything I do.
Plus,I have so much data collected over the years in the Technics
I could not live long enough to do it all again with another OS.
There are very few things lacking in the KN7 for my taste (MSA is probably the weakest area that I can find, IMO).
The Korg 1000 does look good for the amount of outside stuff I do.
I live in an over 55 complex, and play for most of their activities, up to 120 pp. with dinner/background, and dance music.
P.S. Money is no option when it comes to music !!!!

Happy New Year, John

Ray dance

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