Hi Ray, good to hear from you.
You ae talking to a man who had 4 Kn7000, and sold everyone. Why? To have all the features that is needed to great job. This where the Pa4x shines. I have retired, no more playing for dollars; so, my needs have changed. Are you playing out?

What can take can take the place of a Kn7000? (without spending a bunch of money) Nothing. I feel the Yamaha S975 is the closets. It has a gentle clear sound without doing too much. And there more styles and people ready to help than any other keyboard.

Ray here’s my best thought for you. (If dollars allow) Keep the Kn7000, and buy a used Korg 1000, or a used Roland Ea7. Now this is personal to me. When I listen to the live recordings and sequences I made in the Kn7000 days, I know I should have kept mine. And maybe I should have kept my first wife to. Hahahahaha

If all goes well I will have another Kn7000 shortly. (smile)
Take care, John C.