OK, Saintly Ray
The learning curve is far less on theS975. The eight Regs are pretty much the same as the Kn7000. You can customize the window on a Kn7000, not on Korg or Yamaha.

Tremendous support and styles for the Yamaha. Far less with the Korg. Gary sent me, and this is a guess, of styles, all with the name of the song they match up with. (with regs also) Hundreds of MultiPads are available. The sound of the S975 is closer to the Kn7000 than the Korg.

Now if you play out (Jobs) there is no contest. Get the Pa4x , it is a working OMB keyboard, everything is in front of you. If dollars are short, the Pa1000 will do the job.

That’s all I have right now, John C