Lets be clear on this matter. First and foremost, the PSR Tutorial site has been around for many, many years, during which time the members have provided support for ALL keyboard players - not just Yamaha. Thousands upon thousands of members have been assisted by a significant number of other members who have a very high level of technical expertise.

If someone has a problem with their keyboard, most of the time one of the moderators, or forum members, will usually come up with a good solution or fix for that particular problem. For example, I have an SM Card that has circumnavigated the globe a half dozen times, one that had the updates for the PSR-3000 and the only way to install them on the keyboard was using a SM card with the downloaded data. Not everyone had that capability, therefore, I mailed it to them with the premise they would mail it back to me.

When someone's keyboard began to do weird things, for the most part we came up with corrective solutions that very same day, and sometimes, just a few minutes later. If the problem was hardware related, we often provided the forum member with in depth instructions how to correct that problem, and failing this, we usually recommended an authorized service center that was near to where they lived.

Several of the moderators have provided incredible software, PC based programs for Yamaha arranger keyboards. And, they have done this at no cost to the members. There are very few forums that provides this kind of service. Over the years, Joe Waters has updated the forum to accommodate each, new Yamaha arranger keyboard, often a few months before the keyboard became available.

Similar to many music related forums, the PSR Tutorial provides an area for members to upload their songs and videos related to the songs. This is one of the more popular areas of the forum, second only to the styles section where members request suggestions for a style to use for a specific song, and others frequently contribute a third party style for those songs. The activity on the styles section is usually to the tune of a dozen or more requests daily that are fulfilled.

The site moderators are chosen by Joe Waters. Joe selects them on the basis of their technical expertise and ability to provide assistance to forum members in need. I am proud to say that I was among the first moderators selected, along with Michael Bedesem, who has created many, many software solution programs for Yamaha arranger keyboards. As moderators, we do not just sit around waiting to ban someone or delete their posts. For the most part, the only posts that are deleted are those that come from someone hacking into the forum to sell their products, which for a while, included several porn sites. Upon seeing those posts, they were immediately deleted and that poster was permanently banned, for obvious reasons.

On rare occasions, someone joins the forum that decides to denigrate some members because he or she feels they are superior to the membership for one reason or another, mostly because of their musical training. While they may be classically trained, or not, does not give them the right to berate another forum member. When this happens, repeatedly, then one of the forum moderators usually steps in and sends a PM to the offender. If he or she persists in this practice, then the moderators usually have an online conference to determine the next step in alleviating the problem or situation. This was the case with Allen Russell and Babe. And, before either of them were banned, they were repeatedly warned, and each of the moderators read each and every offending post before that action was taken. This was not the case with Bachus, therefore, I cannot comment on the reasoning behind his ban.

As to commenting about other arranger keyboards on the PSR Tutorial forum, it is permitted and no one objects to constructive criticism or comments pertaining to other arranger keyboards. However, like most moderators, I object to someone starting a pissing contest, a mine is better than yours post or thread of this nature. IMO, it serves no useful purpose and tends to inflame some individuals to where they post things they would never say to someone in person. I have threatened to delete some threads of this nature, but I never had - just the threat usually quelled the problem and the thread died on it's own. I have seen a number of pissing contests started on this forum, and some of those threads have become quite heated arguments. IMO, they have never served a useful purpose.

I am happy that Joe Waters renewed Bachus's membership in the forum, and I sincerely hope that he becomes an active member and contributes his expertise and knowledge base with Yamaha arranger keyboards to members in need of his assistance. The PSR Tutorial Arranger Keyboard Forum is, and continues to be, among the top arranger keyboard forums dedicated to Yamaha users and owners.

All the best,

Gary cool
PSR-S950, Bose L1 Compact, TC Helicon Harmony-M, Digitech VR (2), Crown CM311A, Samson Q7, Sennheiser E855, Custom Console, Morgan 33 Out Island Sailboat, and lots of other silly stuff!