Garry, i agree with you that the psr tutorial forums are the next best forum just behind synthzone...

I have allways enjoyed the sharing nature of the Yamaha crowd..
The helpfull hands when someone is in need

And after going all korg allmost i year ago
I kept visiting the forums, as i enjoyed them very much
There are so many womderfull helpfull people there

And even tough i will probably not spend the €2600 required to trade in mu pa4x for the Genos, i will continue visiting the psr tutorial forums, just because they are a great place..

I just hope my lost posts can be recovered
And i would like a personal mail from Joe, about what happened
Maybe i can learn from it to prevent something like this in the future..
What i domt want or need is the name of the modulator that did the ban.
I dont see any reason for me to know... thats something internal for,psr tutorial

Someone send me a mail with the topic created after my ban..
And i am actually surprised how people that often disagreed with me, have me in such high regards... seems the majorrity of the community discussing the Genos supports me, amd that is something to cherish.

So no hard feelings from my side..
It happens and its getting solved..
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