Corzell couldn't make Sunday's jam (probably at home watching the Falcons game smile ), so Bob and I worked on 'realbook' tunes. He did a solo on 'Angel Eyes' that just blew me away; gotta' record it, just gotta'. He brings a different (vintage) guitar each Sunday; this Sunday was a 40 yr old custom made (for him) hollowbody that he claims is worth about 15k. Beautiful tone, but then I thought the same thing about the 30 yr old Gibson he brought last week. Ahhhh, guitar players, you gotta love 'um (ref. our own Russ and Nigel smile ). BTW, these sessions come with great sacrifice, being, as they are, in the middle of what is usually my home game (Falcons/Eagles). I have to watch them on 'tape' after taking extreme precautions not to hear the score beforehand smile.

Still hoping for the best possible outcome for your health problems. I like your approach of focusing on 'the music'. Best of luck.

"Faith means not wanting to know what is true." [Nietzsche]