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So when are you guys putting out an album?

Probably never. We get so involved in jamming that we're very undisciplined at this stage. The other guys (not me) are such great musicians and especially great readers that we can go through a LOT of tunes at 'rehearsal' and rarely stay on one tune long enough to fine-tune it. The hardest thing is usually finding a good drum pattern (BK7m or DM10) to fit a tune. We really need a good drummer/percussionist but don't want the hassle of what that entails. Plus Bob really wants a good seasoned female vocalist (jazz stylist type) and it's hard to find one that doesn't want to get paid.

We mostly do organ trio type stuff but I have a decent piano and a heavily-tweaked 'Rhodes' on the BK7m plus a couple of nice 'supernatural' brasses on my VP770 (which sets on top of my organ). My organ, a KeyB Duo Mk111, has a 'string bass' setting on the pedals that is quite authentic. A side benefit is that it (the KeyB) has permanently cured my 'new keyboard' lust (GAS).

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