Must be my lucky month. Earlier last month, a guy called me and wanted to get together and jam (after hearing some of my posted music). He turned out to be an old retiree (69 yrs old) and an amazing guitar player. He lives only 20 minutes from me and we hit it off great, musically and personality-wise. We've been jamming every Sunday since and also listening to some of our favorite artists on YouTube. Fast forward to last week when I get another call from a 'ol' Geezer' sax player from Atlanta who said he liked my music and wanted to get together and jam. He's mid-60's, classically trained, and equally facile on flute and clarinet (main ax is tenor). Turns out he's a huge Grover Washington, Jr fan and his playing reflects it. I've included a sample of his playing below doing an old familiar 'Grover' tune, Sad Samba (Make me some memories). I think he's pretty good, especially in this genre'. What do you think? I know everybody isn't into so-called 'Smooth Jazz', so this is mainly for Russ and Nigel (who at least tolerate it smile smile ).

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