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In the Lower we have the possibility to setting different voices in each Variation, with different mix, FX etc..
We can to have in the Lower 1, for example Synth Strings, and in the Lower 2 for example El. Piano, or we can to put 2 different sounds (synth pad, Strings Ensemble) and make a Stereo Sound (L63-R63)... Its a very good possibility....
In the Left sound we can to put a Grand Piano to play with left hand with arrange style sequence...
The Manual Bass is a different thing, because when play Manual Bass is mute the Arrange Sequence and play only the Drums and Percussions...

So basically the keybed is split in 3 parts? Lower with chord recognition, left and right/2nd voice, where you have an option to layer the 2 lowers and the elft voice on top of eachother?
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