I have seen a very nice offer of a 76 key Audya for under 1500 euro at a local music store..

Its not meant for me, but for my neffews, they have been playing the G70 for about one and a half year now, and are ready for an update... The price on this Audya just seems to be to good... but i will have to see for myself later this week...

Some questions, how does the Audya compare to the SD7?

And is there somewhere a large database with user styles, as is available for Yamaha and Korg and Roland to some lesser extend...

I was browsing the online user manuall earlier today (While hanging at the swimmingpool, its nice steamy hot weather even in Holland) but there was totally no information about MIDI OUT setup... they love playing their G70 with ipad apps and even some VSTīs on a PC.. but would it be easy to setup the Audya as a midi master keyboard... controlling sounds on remote midi instruments?

There seems to be a 2nd voice, but is there also a 2nd split option?

And one last thing, is an Ajamsonic update which is about 400 euro extra worth it on the long term? Are the voices of better quallity then the standard voices... and is there still 192MB user sample memmory left after that update?

Thank you for taking your time... i am kind of emberassed i had to ask these questions, and couldnt find the answers to them myself.. normally it isnt that hard to find answwers online.. but in Ketrons case, there just is not a lot of information to go on..
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