You must be kidding me ... very small world indeed, and thanks for the referral. It is defiatly appreciated. Yes we met (together with his lovely wife) and chatted quit a bit. He took on the AJAMSONIC products because he insisted it needed to be present in EUROPE and he strongly believed that AUDYA users in EU needed a 2nd chance at breathing new life into their existing instruments - without spending thousands on upgrades. Very nice gentleman indeed - who loves keyboards I may add :-)

Once he gets the AJAMSONIC packages and the SD7/Midjay Pro Gold Package (plus an AJAMSONIC AUDYA for display on his show room) next week, it maybe nice to visit him once more ... this way you can have hands on experience on a KETRON AUDYA AJAMSONIC keyboard, check out the SD7 GOLD PACKAGE - then report to us 'your' experience with it.

What info would you like to know about the MIDI settings?


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