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Who wants to carry around another kb in a OMB act just for VH? might be ok for studio work playing in Vocoder mode..

That Lewis video is few years old. There has since been the VP-770 keyboard and lastly the VP-7 module with improvements to the VH engine. I believe Roland developed the original variphrase technology, and their expertise transferred over nicely to their VP products. Far ahead of Yamaha, Korg (T C Helicon), Digitech in regards to the gender and pitch stretching technologies. Virtually no warble or digital artifacts in the processing on the latest VP -7 unit. The VP-7 choir and Jazz Scat voices are not that shabby either, and can play over, layered on top of any of the Tyros 5 sounds.

The point is, you can get even better results with the little 2 lb VP-7 unit in variation mode, that was carried over from the previous VP-keyboards.

Setting the Tyros 5 to AI Full Keyboard fingering for your chords, you can still run full (vocoder) variation mode and still control your style play, multipads, ensemble, plus switch on-the-fly during a song to Human Voice/Vocal designer mode on the VP-7 or that robotic vocoder mode.

Not only for studio, but for live performances. I have a little aluminum bracket that fits into the Tyros 5 speaker mounting holes that screws onto the mounting holes on the less than 1 KG VP-7 unit. What is more portable than that, plus in direct visual range from your playing position and easy to manage the controls.

For a gig, one Tyros 5, one VP-7, good mic and stand, and proper powered speaker configuration for the venue size. No second keyboard or laptops.


Marcus, I (and one other Synthzoner) have th VP770 which I have been raving about for years. It sits atop my organ (KeyB Duo Mark II) and used for extra voices, a harmonizer, and a controller for my BK7m which I use for drums (studio and rehearsal). Alhough it CAN sound great, one must be very meticulous in setting it up and use all the vocal techniques mentioned above by some of our residet pro's or it can sound just as 'fake' (metallic, to me) as all the rest. Personally, I only like it when it's triggered by the chords played.

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