Yes, the T C Helicon demo from the Korg has that typical sterile digital processing characteristics. Tom, from T C Helicon isn't doing the product any favors by by running a 50%-50% balance between his original voice and the VH voices. The processed voice is never going to sound as good or natural as the original. I agree, use VH sparingly with good vocal mic technique, and keep the processed sound a percentage lower than your voice. The idea is to give the illusion of multiple singers, chorus or choirs, not have virtual voices overwhelm your own.

T. C. Helicon has probably the best processors and DPS effects. Really good for solo guitarists and keyboard players looking for that certain effect, however from a keyboard player and vocalist perspective I find the characteristics of the Roland VP-7 to have a less digitized processed sound and a more organic feel to the sound.(see my description earlier in this thread)

I decided to try an updated recording with my Tyros 5 and the Roland VP-7 of an earlier recording version demonstrating the VP-7 Variation Mode presets. I got a few favorable responses back then, but I think the overall vocal sound improved a little bit using the warmth of a tube mic. I'm using a modded Apex 460 tube mic from my home studio setup. Recorded a one-off live recording with no mic processing except for the VP-7 output. A noise-gate and some compression could have helped with some background noises, but I am used to performing live and go directly into the song. You can hear me pressing the Tyros 5 buttons in certain times, but just a quick demo recording using the T5 hard disk recorder with the VP-7 input into the AUX-IN.

I don't record anything anymore, just perform. As a past tenor, I don't bother warming-up my voice anymore and it probably shows. Perhaps good to have an imperfect voice for this, to demonstrate how the VP-7 harmony voices track your exact notes played on the keyboard and keeps the notes in tune.

I forgot what style I used last time for this song (By Name), but one of Henni's modified styles ( EternityMega 2) is used. Close enough for a demo song. Please see my MP3 demo, and if any Tyros 5 owner want the style (ByNameEterM2.S712), download that as well. Optimized for the Tyros 5, with the same OTS voices I used.

Regards, Marcus

By Name-T5-VP7 MP3 (Christian Contemporary)
1st Refrain - Male & Female (Female Choir button) - A mixed choir with independent male and female parts. Sparse harmony will produce a three- dimensional sound that is thicker than "Classic". Female voices sing the high range, and the male voices sing the low range. Female voices at the right on the stereo field, and the male voices are heard on the left.
2nd Refrain - Background (Duet button) - This is the sound of a simple backing chorus. It produces a clear-sounding chorus of a small number of people, maintaining a sense of presence even in the background.
Last Refrain - Gospel (Trio 2 button) - This is a chorus with the distinctive performances techniques and irregularities that are characteristic of gospel music. It is suitable for jazz or gospel.(Similar to the Don Lewis VP-550 demo video settings)

ByNameEterM2.S712 (Tyros 5 style) not from a Tyros 5 preset style