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Hi Marcus . I would like to say just s few things about your demo .
..........However I could hear very minor harmonic glitches as the harmony caught the chords you were using and corrected itself or as your voice trailed off and the harmony followed the fall off . It's was milliseconds but I found myself unfortunately listening for them and where they would occur next instead of listening to your song and that detracted from the song . The same thing happens when some arranger players change chords just ever so slightly too late .

Now that's not to say the delivery wasn't good . It was very good . But those glitches are the reason why I don't like harmonisers because as you slur up or down to a note as all singers do , the harmoniser follows . You used it sparingly which is exactly how in my opinion if it must be used at al , it should be used .

I hope I have been constructive in my feedback . ...... .

By all means, awesome feedback. Harmony notes trailing off were mostly playing errors in my part. The harmonizer unit was not tracking chords trying to adjust. It was in Variation mode, where the harmonies are produced following the exact notes across the keyboard I was holding down. You would need to time your playing with your singing or my chording notes distracted from the chorus parts I was trying to convey through the harmonizer.
Instead of using a guitar voice in a couple of the verses, I perhaps could of used a string voice or an instrument that would play more legato rather than releasing notes too soon. Better voice selection and timing in my part with the notes and my singing would minimize this issue.
If I was in chordal mode, where chords are tracked and interpreted , I would set the recognized midi channel for only my left hand playing where I would be playing the chords to trigger the auto style.
Actually the Variation mode leans more towards sustained or accapella type music playing, like perhaps a hymn or SATB four part pieces using an organ or string voice over the produced voice harmonies.
Great observations, as that is exactly what I like do and how I make up my own mind. Lots of people nowadays use no critical thinking at all, and just follow the crowd or fad of the week.
Thanks and appreciated,