Hi Marcus . I would like to say just s few things about your demo . There was beauty and pathos in the way you delivered and arranged the song . It was powerful simple and effective all by itself .

You have a clear voice and for this kind of song which is quite solemn and spacious , there really was no need for the harmoniser although it was better than most I have heard .

However I could hear very minor harmonic glitches as the harmony caught the chords you were using and corrected itself or as your voice trailed off and the harmony followed the fall off . It's was milliseconds but I found myself unfortunately listening for them and where they would occur next instead of listening to your song and that detracted from the song . The same thing happens when some arranger players change chords just ever so slightly too late .

Now that's not to say the delivery wasn't good . It was very good . But those glitches are the reason why I don't like harmonisers because as you slur up or down to a note as all singers do , the harmoniser follows . You used it sparingly which is exactly how in my opinion if it must be used at al , it should be used .

However If your voice is poor the harmoniser covers up major deficiencies but if your voice is good as clearly yours is ,it highlights any minor quirks just because of the way it responds just behind you .

I hope I have been constructive in my feedback .
By the way please post more of you work . It really did set a standard that I would encourage .