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I think with the SD7 I'll just have the keyboard, stand, two mics and two Bose Compacts--no mixer, laptop, etc., needed. I seem to often need a guest mic and hate to run it directly to the Bose with no effects, so the second input on SD7 should solve that problem. We'll see!

I'm eager to hear more when you get the SD7 also Don,.......
secondly, why hasn't Ketron posted MORE Video demos aside from Musikmesse showing us MORE of the features of the SD7? ......this worries me at this time but that could change also..this is marketing 101......show the people your product and if it is good enough they will buy it in droves,.....I'm glad I didn't jump the gun on the SD7 & will be in a holding pattern until I am sure what it really can do for my needs or not. I wish you luck.

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