Hi Designserve,

Thanks for your response. It is exactly what I was planning on doing. Time is everything but I thought I would get opinions on the forum before doing your suggestion. Yesterday, I did go into TONE in Sound Edit and looked at the three trumpets that are ON and I will find the "vibrato trumpet" used for the three and see if I can get that very trumpet sound without vibrato. Replacing the trumpet to what is shown for the Trumpet Soloist should work or so, I hope. I want to keep all the filters, etc. the same to hopefully get the same trumpet sound and then go in to Easy Edit and add proper vibrato and delay and if necessary, brilliance to get the same quality sound.

What I don't understand is that playing the bad sounding vibrato note an octave higher, the vibrato is correct. I thought I could just move the octave range down and play in the higher range. It ends up the same slow vibrato when making this change. I find it strange that the same note an octave higher is correct.