For the first time in my life, I'm considering cutting back. Now, I do one national session a week. It goes from 2:00 PM Sunday to 8:00 PM Monday, with only bathroom breaks. Then, I go back to Lexington for a 9:30 PM job, try to recover on Wednesday, play 4 more jobs and run my production company.

The production company that does the national stuff wants me to commit to two productions a week. While income would be over $5,000.00, I'd be stupid to try to keep a regular playing schedule. The restaurant work only pays $150.00 per night, but last night I got a job for $175,000.00 from a new client who visited the restaurant and will be likely to be good for at least $100,000.00 annually for the near future. My contact with an automobile manufacturer located near Lexington has resulted in average annual business in the $250,000.00 range for over 20 years. Seems like prospective clients are more impressed by live performance than by recorded samples.

Last time I went to a town 50 miles away, no one in Lexington (club owners, bookers, mainly) remembered me in six months.

The studio business, working as a director/production specialist (that means you play ALL parts)is pretty fragile. Producers have been fired for saying the wrong thing to a client or just not getting along with someone from the agency.

While I'm not an entertainer, I enjoy the people who come to visit me, and have used my venues as a place to locate new business, entertain clients, etc.

Considering some medical issues, I cannot do two sessions and play regularly. This is on top of my 4 trips overseas.

I guess this is a GREAT problem to have. Too much work, especially at 70 years old, is not a bad thing, IF you're up to doing it.

What do you think?


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