Originally posted by NiteLife:

I have to agree with you about the Sound Board.
I don't believe that is the problem. I replaced mine and I still have the same audio out problems!

On mine, its the Left Channel out. I had to restart mine 5 times last night to get the Left Channel to work.

Has skude ran the Rom Tests? I still show an error in Ket A09. I have to believe that is a contributing factor.

Only a few of us seem to have the same kind of problem.

Once I reboot and the Left Channel out is there, it plays fine. Frank, ( MY Dealer ),sent me a back up OS on a Thumb drive. I'm just a little nervous about formatting and re-installing the entire OS.

So far, I can live with having to reboot a few times to get the audio to work properly.

Just Like a computer,( Which The Audya Is, ) hardware and software issues can really play havoc and sometimes are really really difficult to diagnose!

Where is AJ through all these complaint posts? I have to believe these audio out problems are problems Ketron doesn't have an answer for.

I'm with you, if the 3rd Sound Board doesn't eliminate the problems Skude should demand a new Audya from his dealer.

Ship back the bad one to Ketron and let THEM figure it out!

Then they can let the rest of us know what the problem is!


I have same problem with you...i have problem with left channel out...i use 6 outputs;1&2 outs for drum channels,3&4 for bass channel and left and right for others..