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Still waiting to get the new soundboard for my Audya, will be the third counting the original one. Was going to work on some new songs. The fun started early today. Turned on, no sound in outputs, or headphone, DEAD.
Restarting, sound was back, but "count in" not ok, third restart same problem. Gave up all the fun for now, hope the Audya is in a better mood tomorrow. I'm not wining Tony, or am I?


I have been thinking about you Audya, if there is a problem on the MB or the SB and there appears to be a few more pooping up with the same problem, the PCBs are multi layered, if there is a common fault say a track failure or a component, that cannot be reworked, a new PCB design may be totally out of the question. There is some underlying reason why Ketron have not just shipped a MB & SB express to you. I would ask Frank about the prospects of sending the Audya back to him and getting your money back, it will be a pain to him he will need to send it back also but it will test his resolve and Ketron. After all in law he is the dealer you bought it from and he is your first port of call, I donít think Frank can keep saying he is doing all he can and nothing happens, he has got to start kicking backside hard, your guarantee is nearly out and then what goodbye Skude.
Good luck Skude you have been patient with the Audya beyond belief, you must think it is worth it, I have got over that one now. BTW have you had a chat with a solicitor about the whole thing, you living on a different continent? Could you attack Ketron direct.


BTW Skude, if and when you do get the PCBs compare them very closely with the old ones, are there different issue numbers on the PCBs this will help others if Ketron have redesigned the PCB from the original and there is truly a common fault, just a thought.

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