Yes, I sure hope my Audya problems will be solved by replacing the CPU board.
I never asked for a new keyboard, I never asked for my money back, only thing I'm begging for is to get the parts I need fast. I like this KB very much, and just want this to work. Have I been patient enough?? 10 months with a not working brand new KB. Another thing, I miss information on what's going on, E.G. is parts in stock, when will they be shipped. How long will it take, etc.
My Audya was in a better mood this morning, with sound from outputs, and even count in working. Then we got another issue, for the first time I have problems with not beeing able to get full volume on the right hand sounds, they are all very low. Like going from zero to half volume.
Maybe I should write a book about my Audya, I guess no one would read it, boring, too many pages.