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Thanks you guys for your input. I bought my Audya from Frank in June 2009. The audio out problems didn't start until a few months later. Its weird because sometimes if I tap on the body sometimes the channels will kick back in, which made me think maybe its a lose connection or a bad solder joint. However, that only works once in a while. I normally have to reboot the keyboard once or several times. I'm playing six nights a week so I really didn't want to ship it back to Frank for repairs and be without it for who knows how long. Frank referred my problem to Ketron and I guess they will ship me a knew sound board. Again who knows how long that might take. Last week I only had the problem once, and so far this week only once. Of course it happens when the dance floor is packed! Other than my sound problems, I really think the Audya is an AWESOME machine. If it gets worse , I could always get out my old Roland E-20! Yes, I have one and it still plays. You guys remember that arranger? I bought it in 1988.

Anyways, its nice to be a part of this forum. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and getting to know you all.


If you want to take the top off and see if all the connections are OK I will email lots of photos of the Audya with the top off and it shows you all the screws you need to take out it will save you some time. There are two metal support in the centre of the KB and the screws for these are in the middle underneath the KB, if you dont take these out you will damage the KB trying to pull the top off, you are best doing the all on the floor and you must support the top when its off, it must not fall over backwards away from the KB or you will rip the cables out of there sockets they are very short, no spare length.


PS Jim I will do you a PowerPoint presenstaion for it.

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