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Greetings to everyone from SW Florida. I have two questions maybe someone can help me with. I have what appears to be a Sound Card problem with my Audya. The left channel audio out sometimes doesn't work or the volume is very low on both channels or the audio crackles. A re-boot ( sometimes several )will correct the problem or a light bump on the keyboard sometimes will correct it. I play professionally and its becoming a frustrating issue. Has anyone here had the same kind of problems? Frank at Audioworks has ordered me a new sound board, which I will try to install myself. Also, any suggestions about the use of a sustain pedal? The keyboard sustains with the pedal plugged in and stops sustaining when the pedal is depressed.( Backwards! ) I thought there might be a setting for this, however I can't find it. I have several sustain pedals, one with a polarity switch, however all of them are backwards. Thanks for your input on these problems. I own and play both an Audya and a Tyros 3 and I must say, the Audya is my preferred choice! That Keyboard is nothing less than " AWESOME "! I can't wait until the OS4 is available! Thanks for your help!

I would take it back if you have only just got it, it should be trouble free at this stage most of the problems in hardware and software are about sorted, how long have you had the KB.
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