Greetings to everyone from SW Florida. I have two questions maybe someone can help me with. I have what appears to be a Sound Card problem with my Audya. The left channel audio out sometimes doesn't work or the volume is very low on both channels or the audio crackles. A re-boot ( sometimes several )will correct the problem or a light bump on the keyboard sometimes will correct it. I play professionally and its becoming a frustrating issue. Has anyone here had the same kind of problems? Frank at Audioworks has ordered me a new sound board, which I will try to install myself. Also, any suggestions about the use of a sustain pedal? The keyboard sustains with the pedal plugged in and stops sustaining when the pedal is depressed.( Backwards! ) I thought there might be a setting for this, however I can't find it. I have several sustain pedals, one with a polarity switch, however all of them are backwards. Thanks for your input on these problems. I own and play both an Audya and a Tyros 3 and I must say, the Audya is my preferred choice! That Keyboard is nothing less than " AWESOME "! I can't wait until the OS4 is available! Thanks for your help!