Thanks you guys for your input. I bought my Audya from Frank in June 2009. The audio out problems didn't start until a few months later. Its weird because sometimes if I tap on the body sometimes the channels will kick back in, which made me think maybe its a lose connection or a bad solder joint. However, that only works once in a while. I normally have to reboot the keyboard once or several times. I'm playing six nights a week so I really didn't want to ship it back to Frank for repairs and be without it for who knows how long. Frank referred my problem to Ketron and I guess they will ship me a knew sound board. Again who knows how long that might take. Last week I only had the problem once, and so far this week only once. Of course it happens when the dance floor is packed! Other than my sound problems, I really think the Audya is an AWESOME machine. If it gets worse , I could always get out my old Roland E-20! Yes, I have one and it still plays. You guys remember that arranger? I bought it in 1988.

Anyways, its nice to be a part of this forum. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and getting to know you all.