No I don't have a problem with the Audya, but on the other hand I am not striving to mess about with it. I don't think you should be trying to add none Ketron bits onto an Audya, if you do you do so at your own peril, there will be no support from Ketron I can assure you. I still have mine I don't play it 1/10 of the T4 , when I turn it on I think why should I give it away, right at the moment in the UK they are bringing peanuts, I might just hang on the it. I am certainly not giving it away. Anyway Brenie you have a fistful of KBs big and small, which IYO is the best...

Hope you are keeping well, you look a lot younger on your new passport photo. No one ever passed comments on it, they are jealous that's why...heee heee
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