Hi again Audya Owners:

If you read my previous post, you'll know that Frank shipped me his Audya to use while I was going to have AJamsonic installed on mine.

I spent several day's going over every aspect of AJ's Package as it was already installed on Franks board.

I changed my mind about doing the install because I just wasn't thrilled with what I heard and many of the additions were things I just didn't need and probably wouldn't use.

That doesn't mean that there wasn't some pretty good stuff, because there was.

Some nice additions, including a few new Sax's, Trumpet & Muted Trumpet. Several of the solo instruments were styled similar to the Tyros. Some nice additions and changes in the Pad's & Synth voices also.

The revamped and a few new styles were OK. The balancing of these styles took away the Live Band feel and as I said in an earlier post, sounded more like a Tyros to me.

One would have to go through them all and re-balance the volume's if you prefer the Drums and Live Guitars to be out in front. This of course would be based on personal preference.

For those of you that use Midi files, AJ has installed a ton of them and most are pretty good quality. I seldom use them so this was not a plus for me.

A ton of MP3's installed also, great if you want to become an instant DJ. Also not a plus for me.

The sensitivity of the Harmonizer was tweaked and performed much better. I spent hours tweaking mine and got it set perfect for me. So another benefit of the package that was not a needed fix for me.

I can't comment on any repairs made to the Drums jumping time, I never experienced that problem with mine.

All in all, there just wasn't enough benefits for me to justify the cost involved.

My decision to not have AJ's package installed was based on personal preferences and I think each of you need to do your own analysis of the contents of AJ's offering.

I do commend AJ in his efforts devoted to correct some of Ketron's short comings.