Tony, I agree..........

Probably more than anything, I was hoping for a nice collection of NEW STYLES to have some fun with.

As mentioned on this forum many times, I would be great to have Robert put his talents to work and create an ongoing supply for us.

I think most will agree, Yamaha has many awesome styles. The sophistication in the arrangements are well thought out and produced, and new one's are continually made available for purchase and download.

Ketron is really missing the boat here. Yes, midi files are available by the thousands, but there is a big difference for the player, just playing a solo lead with them.

I'd much rather have the feeling and enjoyment of totally playing the song and picking different styles to create your own arrangement and feel for the song. Many times I'll set the tempo lock and change styles on the fly just to change up the song and have some new fun with it. I also like to take a song that maybe just has a straight 8 beat and change it to a Funk or Disco or R&B, change tempo's or key's....or whatever I'm inspired to do at the time. You CAN'T do that with a Midi or Karaoke file.....what these files what you get......nothing more!

As far as Solo voicing, the Audya really shines in that department. The Brass and Sax section's are my favorite. The audience always turns and looks at me when I take off on a hot Trumpet or Sax solo.

Ketron put the " PUNCH " in these voicing's which really makes them jump out and grab you. I don't care about built in simplicity of the solo voice doing an automatic note up glissando, it's more fun to create that yourself on the fly within your performance.

My playing performances have jumped to a new high because the Audya inspires my creativity as a Keyboardist and a true lover of Orchestral Instruments. Not to mention a GREAT LIVE BAND sounding arrangement to back you all the way.

Thank you Ketron for bringing out the best in me as a Musician.

After " 40 Years " of playing professionally, I have REACHED the TOP OF MY GAME, thanks to the Audya inspiring me to achieve that level.

AJ, I'm sorry, it's very difficult to improve what already is the BEST!