OS 4.2rev1932?
Is old now... I'm on rev 1941..
for the wine, stil not ful time for testing it, we are assembly more Groove X-7 for tastenpoint.

for the MIXXX ( you have under KDE>multimedia>mixxx
you can add on preferites and then you have on Kde start.
run it, wil ask you the main music directory, just choose one and press enter
wil start Mixxx, but I know is bigger gui.
open the prefersnces and under interface you can choose MANY type, small, large, compact and diffent colors.
the mini compact will fit good and also some space on desktop.
load some Mp3/wav...drag/drop too, or just select one file and double enter the MS Enter key ( emulate the mouse) and wil load it
then press play on the Gui and have fun
touch the waveform anbd scroll FF and FW...scratch...
all features are displayed on mixxx webpage or on the video demo on my site.