Ok, 64stidio told me where is the file to editing ffor change the buffer.

Ohhh baby.... YEAH...!!!!
I'm sure all it needs is a tiny tweak and I bet things will run way better for me. 256 will likely be the magic number.

Also finally is come out the new Wine 1.2!
I will test soon and if is working wil be available on the ISO

Lovley stuff...!!! This is great news because at the moment I have to be slow at doing things to give the system time and I don't change between VSTI's in the same ASIO for fear of the audio getting cut off. Between v1.2 and being able to adjust the audio buffers I should be laughing soon. It's just a hairs breath away from being perfect and I have a feeling that this update and the buffer tweak will be the answer.

Thanks for the great work.