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Yep...just completed the full OS install and my Mod wheels are back working again.

Strange one but hey... at least it's working.

Noticed 1 problem with the OS update so far. There seems to be a problem switching between GM Instruments and GM Drum kits.

The keyboard does not change always between them. You might for example load a drum kit and hear it, then try go back to a Piano and you still have a drum kit.


Yeah James, I noticed that too with moving between say the Giga bank (tab 4, Split-Layer) and user for example.

The patch loaded stayed in mem, and I had to press the second one on the selection tabs (screen) then re-press the first one again to "remind" the MS to go to the new area. Not really a big deal as its quick to do, but still it happens.

It MIGHT be something to do with some being "persistent" and some being "on demand" ???

Anyhoo as I said, for me, not a major thing. And everything else is working fine.


Edited to add: My post must have been going at the same time James.......Yes what you say there makes perfect sense..Lets experiment with that and see if it makes a difference. I do know how to use the Qsampler engine so I can edit the LSCP with that.

BTW have you tried running it out to a big screen yet? Makes working on the MS even easier...and its a doddle to set up


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