Another way to editing and mapping the Giga Soundbank is to use the Qsampler editor.

Note: the LIONSTRACS code will also load automatically 3 Instruments LSCP files script.
the first basic one is located on the Preset folder: MS-2-instruments-1.lscp
You can aslo create 2 more script soundbank that are loaded automatically ( all 3 LSCP then are merged)
So.. you can edit the first instruments.lscp file OR add a new LSCP file with new sounds that will be merged on the first map.
the files LSCP must be named:
when this files are located inside the Preset folder, the restart players will load all and merge the all sounds.
NOTE: NEVER duplicate the PRG+LSB number on other LSCP file or the system wil crash! Only 1 PRG+LSB with the same sounds can be present or you get conflict system.

Now the simple game for editing your own soundbank.

Restart the players that you have then a CLEAN system, without loading and running NOTHING more.
The sampler will load in background the all gigasounds and automatically mapped.

Change desktop to one empty.
Run up the Qsampler ( if you can not find, open the Konsole and type: qsampler)
Will start the Qsampler and loading the all MS sampler script and sounds.

Automatically you wil see the all 128 Midi channels slot up.

Now press on the qsampler the key: Instruments map.
will open a new Gui and display you the all giga sounds mapped on the system.

Now with this current open map, you can start to editing all, chgange sounds, levels and so on
You have the TAB for the chromatic and Drumkits sounds.

Make now all what you want and then SAVE.
Go on Player 2, load a midifile and TEST how is working.

After you made all and saved, Quit the Qsampler.
Go in preset folder and open manually the:
MS-2-instruments-1.LSCP and REMOVE on the message: RESET, then save again

( this because we already send the RESET message before, if you leave there, is possible that will reset the smapler and then you dont have any sounds)

Tomorrow I post here some qsampler shoots again

let me know