Now I try to explain HOW is made the MS sampler script system.

On LIONSTRACS OS code we have embedded this link code:
1) Audio-midi Devices:
This script inizialize the sampler for creating the all audio OUT ports and the 6 Midi OUTS ports that you can see under Jack.
2) Midi Channels:
here is inizialized each midi channels for what have to do, like midi CH, sends, Audio outs, chromatic or drunkits.
give a look and then you can understand.

This two script are saved on our BIN code, you can also cedit if you want and save the new setting.

3) Instruments mapping:
here are the all GM/GS sounds that I have mapped for the basic GM/GS sampler system. the all sounds are mapped on the SoundbankGM2 folder.

This LSCP file you can edit under TXT mode, but you must give the correct file path or the sampler can NOT find it.
Every time that you restart the players, this script will be reloaded, go in PLAYER 2, load one Midifile and test how is working..