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Hi guys.

With regards to the GM files, I started looking at the txt and lscp files and I was wondering if someone could explain their function and the structure of the lspc file to me.

The first sound for example is......
MAP MIDI_INSTRUMENT 0 0 0 GIG '/home/mediastation/GigaLibrary/GM Folder/001 Acoustic Grand.gig' 0 0.5 PERSISTENT '001 Acoustic Grand'

Can someone please break that down for me.

I'm thinking of writing a Librarian.


Moreover, you have the wrong lscp file?

this lscp file is not for SoundbankGM2 folder. inside your Prestes folder and inside your Gigalibrary you have a lscp file with name MS-02-instruments-1.lscp

this one is used for main GM/GS banks for styles and midi ande layer 4 key.

'/home/mediastation/GigaLibrary/SoundbankGM2/001Acoustic\x20Grand\x20Piano/GrandPiano.gig' 0 0.9 PERSISTENT 'GrandPiano.gig [0]'

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