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BTW it's been d/l'd 299 times now successfully.

Terry: considering so (relatively) few responders here who have acknowledged successfully downloading & listening to your song, I wonder just how many of thoe 299 downloads were actually successful. In addition, I suspect, even though I wasn't able to download successfuly, that every one of my numerous download attempts was included in your 299 figure.

Terry. I know you produce good music work, so it would be disappointing if far fewer than the 299 d/l's actually got to enjoy hearing it.

I notice that the song file link you provided ends with ".php?id=415" , and not ".mp3" or ".wma", of which I would have expected instead. My guess is that the ".pho?id=415" URL extension was used so your song comes up from within our web browser instead of separately from our Media Player, right? My suggestion (if you want more universal playability) is to (re)post your song linking directly to the URL server address location of your song (and of which the address ends with your song's name and filetype extension: .mp3 or .wma. Just a thought.

Btw: Happy Chinese New Year (Jan 29th) to all,