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I was doing some experimenting and I discerned that I can put a link right here in a post that will take anyone directly to your MP3 download forum.
They could then play some of your great music you keep hoarding over there
Let me know if it is ok or you just put it on here for us. Then they can hear some more of the music you have recorded on your Tyros 2 and also the original Tyros.
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The reason there was a problem is because I had my board set that one had to be a member to d/l an attachment. I will in fact most likely revert back to that again, so it would not do any good for you to post links to any of the tunes, as they will not work once I do that.

So why do I do that? The reason is simple bandwidth usage = $.

This tune now has had well over 100 d/ls and very little response. In most cases my thoughts are if one does not want to hear a tune bad enough to become a member, then that's ok with me too.

Now and again as a help to others though I like to post things like this so those out there trying to decide whether or not they should spend 3 large on a board can hear what it sounds like in the real world and not the demos done under the optimum conditions by pros right down the line.

Thanks for the thought though.
jam on,

jam on,
jam on,