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Beleive me if i tell you that all the components come from south eastern production, all they do in Ittaly is assembly of the systems and software install..

The high prices for Ketron are mainly because of the hugh investment in new technologies (Auio styles) research and development combined with the relatively low number of systems they sell.. And espescially this major part of the cost needs to be done in europe as they have the knowledge.

Electonics hardware (components) is becomming cheeper every day, so the hardware can't be a main part of the costs.. its the software development

Since Yamaha sells much more units they can spread out the development costs of new technologies over much more keyboards and so it has less influence on the price..

For instance Yamaha's development investment intoo super articulation sounds will make them money in Tyros, top models PSR and Motif... For Ketron there is just a relatively low number of Auya's to gaet their investments back..

So all in all, Ketron is to small a company to compete with Roland Korg and Yamaha based on proces, and they can only sell their products if they have a substantiall better quallity then the competition.


I have been in PCB and electronic development before and what you say is correct, it would be better for Ketron to make up and assemble outside of Italy. I donít know if the people running Ketron would want to do that, every KB they release appears to be behind the times the day it comes onto the market. Ketron appear to have a fundamental flaw and perhaps its management, they survive only by luck and avoiding a major crisis by default. I think they must live on a knife edge, certainly not in the fast lane, if the shares came on the market it would be like Lehman Brothers all over again. If you look closely at the PA2x and forget how each sample sounds, take this out of it, the KBs perhaps look similar, but there is much more technology in the PA2x than the Audya. But the cost of the PA2x is £2000.00 below the Audya, you need to look if there is £2000.00 more in sounds, or will there be on OS4, but we havenít got OS4 and there is no guarantee that we will ever get it. My advice to anyone is to hold off buying Audya until you see the whites of Ketron eyes, itís all bull**** at the moment and itís not worth the extra £2000.00. The cost to build the Audya will be much less than the PA2x which ever country itís built in.

Your Quote

"The high prices for Ketron are mainly because of the hugh investment in new technologies"

Don't believe a word of this, they are well behind.


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