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With that said kingfrog......your musical retail busness theory has a few holes in it....just look at the average Band, DJ, or most Musical acts on stage & I live between New York City, Philadelphia, & Atlantic City so I quite often see many acts in my travles working... ...guess what you don't see much of? the Bose PAS system....there is a reason for that I would say...yes the Bose is a good system like so many others, but it's far from the best for most peoples needs.Dont let the hype fool ya its an expensive lesson.

carry on.

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Nah at most its a $700 "lesson". More than not less than that. The Bose is always in demand on Ebay. A Buy It Now of $$2300-$2400 on a Mod II with Tone Match will sell in less than a day IF and when you can find one for sale on Ebay or elsewhere. Try that with ANY other conventional PA set up. There are garages,storage units and attics filled with unsold speakers mixers and amps.

I maintain most OMBs are are scared off by the initial price when LOOKING AT THE VISUAL of a Stick and small box beside it. Tradition is a hard habit to break and sells well. Economically its a great choice. We sold 7 systems to OMBS since we started carrying them in the Summer. Not bad for a 30,000 pops market in a resort area, Everyone of those buyers could get 3/4 of what they paid for them fast and easy on Ebay. Try to find one. When you do watch it disappear and take note of the selling price.

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