Hey Diki,

Does anyone you know use all 100% of the features on their Tyros2 or any board for the matter? I might use 20% of mine but I like having so many options to choose from. Some people, like my Dad just play right hand one finger at a time melodies to a style triggered by 1 finger. But he loves that simplicity to death! He could care less about any of the other features. I was watching another keyboard player using a Tyros2 and he used the data entry wheel to make all his choices. I realized I have probably used mine 5 times in 2 years. I always select with the buttons. Yamaha or anyone else would have to offer hundreds of different keyboard models to cater to individual tastes so one feels they use their instrument completely. I'm glad they went in the other direction and offer thousands of features even if I only need 100. -charley