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T3 $3899.00 not bad eh?

almost a bit more than half an AUDYA

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Is that the retail or the street price? If that's the street price that T3's outrageously overpriced for a hunk of plastic unless the specifications far exceed what's been mentioned so far. Somehow I seriously doubt it will be much of an upgrade from a T2 with the exception of a few more SA voices, a bit more polyphony, and some additional effects. I almost forgot... 9 tiny sliders. BFD! My Wersi has 28 real time long throw sliders and numerous other real time controls. And OMG are you ready for this... the Wersi sliders are color coded so you Hammond/Drawbar users know which sliders to adjust! Those Wersi engineers sure are a bunch of idiots giving me all these real time controls that are intuitive to use. What the hell were they thinking?

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