Hi Diki

Originally posted by Diki:
Possibly I'm not as erudite as you, but when someone posts something about a particular feature on a GENERAL FORUM (jeez, how many times I got to point that out? ), I would like to hear how this particular problem is addressed by ALL the different arrangers. Perhaps it is a subject that is important enough to me that, if my particular arranger can't achieve what I want, I MIGHT like to know how others handle it.

We are all free to write whatever we like!

The idea of having more than one thread in this forum is to keep the discussion structured. This helps - at least may of us - find relevant information without having to search through all threads. This is my only reason for initiating this debate.

Really sad to see you get so upset; and use that bad language.

PS: I have often read excellent postings from you even if the were IMO "misplaced".

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